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Welcome to MG Compensation Lawyers Sydney

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, had an accident at work, been the victim of medical negligence or had a slip and fall due to someone else’s negligence, it is important that you obtain proper legal representation from an experienced personal injury lawyer in Sydney as soon as possible. The earlier you know your legal rights and entitlements, the better the final result could be for you. Marshall & Gibson specialise in all types of personal injury claims. We take the time to understand your case, provide you with all of the options available to you and work on your behalf to maximise your claim. Why trust MG Compensation Lawyers Sydney? As one of the state’s leading plaintiff personal injury law firms, we provide independent legal advice and representation, drawing on personal injury barristers, expert witnesses and other resources to achieve optimal outcomes. Additionally, our compensation lawyers in Sydney’s CBD have many years of experience in workers compens